sciptwriting & directing

Combining many great minds, we provide you with the original, best quality and the only kind script. Whether it’s a tv commercial, music video or social campaign you can expect nothing but the highest grade astonishment.


Each photography has its specific character and tells a story. Even a small detail will determine the tone of your message. We always find a solution and a way to present a person, a brand or a product in a way that complies with all requirements.


We place video creation as our main vision, therefore we take care of the entire production process, from filming through to editing and post-production. We are devoted to innovation and are always on the lookout for new techniques and solutions best for our client.


VEV est. 2015, by two individuals, both artists - Michal Koroza and Tomasz Bergmann. These names and talents, combined together, give you a promise of the best possible product.However now, your product becomes a work of art, that will both surprise and involve all the people that will look at it – whether they’ll be tv or youtube viewers, magazine readers or simply - your clients of any kind.

Let ART become your daily routine.